What are frameworks?

frameworks Jun 11, 2019

Now in 2019, there are like a huge number of frameworks.

So what do they really do? Why developers use frameworks and what is so special about it.

So basically frameworks are set of snippets that help you to develop your applications or software much more faster.

But how do they do that?

Let me give you an example. Let’s consider that you are building an application that uses a database. In that case, you need to

  • Create and connect with the appropriate DB with the credentials provided.
  • Then for each CURD (Create Update Read and Delete) operation, you have to provide the full SQL commands to make changes.
  • It is ok when considering small application but what happens if you are building a large application. So in this case framework will ask you to provide only the credentials and also shorten all the queries into small functions. This way you can achieve great performance.
  • Almost every application in this world is built by a framework.
  • Examples

    Facebook uses React framework (Javascript Framework built in-house)

      Flipkart uses React

        Amazon uses Backbone JS

          Udemy used Python Django(Backend framework)
          And many more

          Learning frameworks will get you to better places for jobs and with a good pay scale too.

          But can we learn frameworks without knowing basic programming?

          Nope. Frameworks are built in the way to handle operation much faster and also with an MVC pattern (Models View Controllers). So it’s always better to know about the basics of the programming language you choose to work with and can proceed further.

          How can you learn a framework?.

          Frameworks get updates more eventually than an update to the programming language itself. The changelog is always updated in their documentation. So as I say always it better to learn with documentation.

          Frameworks by languages


            • Vue Js
            • Angular
            • React
            • Backbone
            • Knockout and more.

            2. Python

              3. PHP

              • Laravel
              • Codeignitor
              • Zend
              • CakePHP
              • Symphony and more.

              And a lot more.

              Choose your framework to learn based on the development language you use. And always try to stick with the documentation.

              Happy Coding.


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