To become a frontend developer

Jun 18, 2019

Are you new to programming ?. Interested to start your career as a frontend developer. Then you have landed in the right place.

Programming is always fun and also this is the correct place to express your creativity with programming. Without further delay, let’s start.

Basic About Front End :

Frontend development is actually designing the stuff that is visible to the client end or we can also say this visual that is seen by the users visiting the website.

This is done only using three languages.
This is because all the web browsers only support only these three languages. So whoever the developer is they have to prepare the final snippets only in these three languages.

They are:

  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • JS (Javascript) *not to be confused with Java*

HTML is so basic and very easy to learn and to code with that. And you might have learned the basics of it in your school itself. So it will be much easier to learn further more and become an expert in it.

CSS is not so easy as HTML. It is also not a programming language. It is actually a style sheet that provides more styling options for the website like font colouring, transitions and more. Learning can be done if you spend more extra time than HTML. This will help you to play around all the styling options and explore your creativity with that.

And finally comes the greatest Javascript(Js). JS is considered as one of the most valuable languages over the world.

Anything that you see that is running or jumping or any other operations that are performing in the browser without browser refresh explains easily that there is some JS working on.

So learning Js is much complicated when comparing it to HTML and CSS. Js is developed with object-oriented concepts and has many advances. There are many Js frameworks that help you to build Js based applications much easier.

  • Vuejs
  • Angular Js
  • React Js
  • Knockout Js
  • Backbone Js
  • D3 js and much more
Learning  front end development
Development with Frameworks

If you learn Js at first then playing around these frameworks will be much easier. The pay scale of developing web apps with such frameworks are also so valued. But as I always say learning to learn a language with the help of documentation will make you king in development. In the same way, if you start to learn with documentation you can develop anything with any of the about frameworks.

One interesting factor:

There is something called React Native which is a subsidiary of React Js. With this, you can actually build a native application for iOS and Android Devices.

Its like the famous quote *One stone, Two Mangoes ?*

So are you ready to start your journey as a frontend developer? Then add some spices to your application with a lot of JS plugins that are available open source.

Any more questions then post it in comments.

Started to learn but feeling difficulty in finding the errors are sharing them, kindly post it in our developer-friendly forum

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