How to learn programming??

learning Jun 8, 2019

There are many people outside who really want to learn to program. But there is always a question. ‘How?’

learning to codeProgramming is always the best way to express your technical skills. But you might have faced this problem during your curriculum. Learning to prepare a simple snippet it is like learning a complete book. If you are in that case then you might have not learnt programming or coding in the right way.

So let’s discuss how to make learning programming much easier and what are the ways to achieve the learning process bit faster.

Basically, it’s all starts with language. Guess what language?. Simple it’s English.

If you are good in English then its much easier to learn to program. Let me tell you how.

power of documentationBasically, whenever a new programming language comes out there will be a small launch event. This launch event cannot be done for the whole world. But ever thought how the developers learn these languages?. The answer is When a new language comes out it’s very important for the language developers to share the clear and much understandable documentation of their development language. Only then the developers will be interested to dig into the software and will try to implement something new with their language.

Let me give you an example.

learning python django

Have you heard about Python Django? Its actually a web development framework development built on top of Python to make web development easier. The developers of that framework were working in a newspaper company. So they used their editors to make the documentation of the framework clean and easy to understand. Which brought huge success to the framework. So it’s always important to have the knowledge to understand the documentation.

But before that, it’s necessary to learn some basics of programming concepts. Concepts are not particular to any development language. So it’s like if you know the concept then you can build anything and learn any language related to that. So just try to learn just the concepts at least at the first. It’s really simple.

After learning the concepts, plan on what you want to build. Like mobile apps or web apps or desktop software. By just doing simple research you will get to know what language you have to learn. With that said you can go with the documentation further.

But sometimes you may still feel difficult to learn through documentation. For that case, you can always browse the Internet and watch some YouTube videos. Moreover, you can buy some Udemy courses. They are always the best. But you have to choose the right course.

Finally, this is for the people who learnt a little bit of programming but cannot go further.

Try reverse learning. This is a simple technique I recommend for my students. This is also a faster and much efficient way to learn. Just take some course videos. Just do type whatever the instructor type in their screen. Just like copy-pasting by the code from the screen. Please don’t do ctrl c and v. See the screen and type and then try to make the program work. After that analyse what are those words and what they do in programming with google.

With that said. It’s always important to understand that anything in this world is possible. Just you have to go with the right path.

If you feel this is good please share your comments. Any questions if you have you can ask in comments. I will try to make a seperate post for all your questions.

Happy Coding ☺️

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