Shopify optimization by reducing app usage and other techniques

Jul 22, 2019

The whole e-commerce market is now getting converted to Shopify stores. As per our understanding, it is because the setup procedures are much easier for a more safer store. Shopify uses CDN(Content Delivery Network) for all the frontend assets like CSS, Image files and also Javascript.
But there is always a question like people are using the same theme for different stores but they can find that the same theme is much faster than other stores.

How this is actually possible ?. Everyone uses the same theme but still how stores are able to get down their loading speed. Let’s discuss it.

Take a deep breath here. Because now we are going into the really serious stuff.

Much faster without apps. Understand something that all the files from the Shopify server to your website get delivered to the client’s browser at the same time (Irrespective of the theme). But all the files get rendered(converting the code into the design) in the client’s browser which is the time-consuming process.
This is why we always recommend to our customers to avoid apps when the required changes in the theme can be done by coding itself. This is because all these apps will come up with some scripts which will run in the client’s browser which makes the site slower.

Images on the pages. Avoid more images on the same page as the product pages. Some people will display almost 40 products on the product page and will also enable lazy loading for those pages. Our recommendation is to put up to 20 products on the same page and use lazy loading. If you use paginations then that will be a much better option.

Next to the slider. Most of the websites never optimize the slider on the home page. Customers may need to scroll up to two times to visit further products or other components on the home page. This will automatically increase the bounce rate to the website will also affect the site performance and the money spent on ads if you are running ads.

Let’s talk about Advertising products. If you are running ads for a new store then it is always a good option. But it is not the solutions to the store. If you keep on running ads then one day you will go out of money for sure. So invest a little bit on SEO. This is always a better solution for the future. This will bring sales to your store even if you don’t run ads.

Product descriptions and images. Products are the only thing that is going to get profit for you. So its is much needed for the store owners to focus more on the images and also the description content. Make the content in the way it is more promising and also trustworthy.

Communications and Reviews. Communication is more important for a store to perform great. Let’s say a customer has some doubt on one of your products but he has no options to ask his questions. This will make the customer by default to search for the same product in another store which has the live chat option. You can implement facebook chat here and make the thing possible.

Most important. Mobile responsiveness. As per our oberservation, almost 70-80% of people visit the store or a blog only through mobile. Consider if our website is not looking good in design will you go further reading. This is also the same as the store. So always make sure your store is well optimized for mobile users.

Code optimizations without apps. Everyone who is building a store will have something that he feels to have in his store but not available in the theme. Example if you have a contact page and if you want to add an extra field like a phone number in the contact page. This can be done much easier with code. So always consider customizing the code as an option before you go for apps. This reduces the load to your store and a recurring charge for your store.

If you are up to here then we hope you like this post so much or maybe not. Feel free to share your comments about this post in the comments section. If you want any help about optimizing your store then share your store link in the comments.

If you have questions about optimizing the store by code and for discussion about it then you can raise questions at our new forum.

Hope the above points will help you to improve your store and we also wish for great sales in your store.

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