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Aug 6, 2019

There is been a craze about learning python everywhere. Even in my post, I have mentioned that if you are learning a new programming language for the first time then you can choose Python as your partner. But why this and why people are shifting towards python and what is python Django actually. So Yes, Let’s dive in.

Python is an Object-Oriented Programming Language which means it also follows the same concepts of OOPS that you guys are learning from school. It was first released in the year 1991. But in recent years it gained much more popularity and support everywhere. Python is used widely in machine language applications and neural networks. If you have worked with Raspberry Pi (Credit Card sized PC) then you might have also noticed it is also using Python language to code to create communication between the sensors and the device itself.

Python Django:

You might have heard about a lot of frameworks these days like Laravel, Express and many more. They are different frameworks for different languages and Django is a framework built on Python. It is a web development framework which is used to create website and web applications. It was built by two web programmers at the Lawrence Journal-World newspaper, Adrian Holovaty, and Simon Willison.

Great Documentation:

As I have mentioned previously Django was built inside a newspaper company. So they used the editors inside the company to create the documentation. Which is was more understandable and clear to all the developers around the world. Because of this, Django became so famous. This is not only because of their documentation but also they are much faster and secure.

Built-in Admin Panel:

Django has a built-in admin panel to all the admin functionalities. You can do all the database operations from the admin panel that is prebuilt with Django. Yes, of course, you need to program to mention how the admin panel works and also the other stuff in that.

MVT Architecture:

We have heard about MVC Pattern (Models Views and Controllers). But this is quite different. Django follows MVT Pattern which is Models Views and Templates. Models are where all the database functions are maintained. Templates are the frontend visuals elements and finally, here Views are where the interactions between the models and the templates are being updated. There is no anything called Controllers to do view operations here and that’s why it is said to follow MVT Architecture.

Package Manager:

Every framework will have a package manager that is used to manage the installed packages or to add a new package or functionality to your application. Laravel uses a package manager called the Composer. NodeJs uses NPM(Node Package manager). Similarly, Python uses a package manager called PIP. With PIP you can add new packages to your Django project very easily which introduces you to great functionalities.

And that is a wrap up about Python Django. If you have any questions about it kindly mention that in your comments. Any programming doubts join our forum. Follow us on our facebook page. Our developer facebook group iFrame is available at the right of this content if you are from a desktop or join through this link.

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