Programming language for Game Developer.

Oct 17, 2019

If you are reading this post then I hope you might actually much interested to develop a game. But you might not know where to start from. Before letting you into the topic I wanna make sure that game development needs a lot of creative skills and the best in class level of programming language. If the software gets a bug then that might be a simple one and can be fixed and in most of the cases the separate part of the software might not work but everything is different in gaming.

So if you wanna become a game developer then the spices you need are

  • Pure dedication. Sometime building games may take years to do so this very important
  • Strong Language. You have to be strong in what you know with which you can proceed further.
  • Creativity. Anyone can come up with the above two but this is different. Before starting to put your head into anything make a clear creative idea about what you are about to build. Share it with your trustworthy friends and with their feedback you can further proceed.

Without any further delay, let’s jump into the actual stuff of what you need to learn to become a game developer.

Programming for Game Developers

Games are built with many programming languages that are new in the market and some with pretty old programming languages too. They include languages like

  • C Language
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • Lua
  • Python
  • Javascript and even
  • HTML5

What ?? HTML5 is a game development language?

Yep, the same question I too got when I found this through the internet. But you know HTML5 is never complete with their other partners like CSS and Javascript. With this language, many super cool lightweight games are built. There are many advantages of using this because you know HTML is cross-platform supported so it can run on any platform without any issue.
They use many Javascript frameworks that are actually built to build games or maybe a pretty good user interface too.

Still, You might have the same question of how this is possible because you might be working with HTML and their other partners for so long but have not seen anything kind of this. So let us make a much clearer note. The upcoming phrases are not only for one HTML5 but also for all the other languages that I have mentioned above.

All the programming languages that are mentioned above are like simple programming only. They just do like what you have written to do. But like Mjölnir to Thor or maybe the Shield to Captain America all the programming languages are built with some extra library that takes advantage of the graphics. With those libraries, these languages are furthermore extended to have a great interaction with the graphics and helping to build great games with them. But is this enough? or there is something more to learn? And the answer is Yes!.

Game Engines :

This is something very important you have to know before you jump into game development. At this point, you might have a question like is GTA or EA games are still built on the same programming languages ?. The answer is Yes but No. Let me make it clear. So, game developers, you might have come across something called Unity and so many similar ones. These are called Game Engines. Game engines are built on top of those kinds of programming languages that are mentioned above but to make it more attractive and faster to develop a game they have built something called the game engine. It is a kind of SDK or Framework or whatever you name it. These game engines are specially designed and developed to built games with great quality and also make the development process a bit faster.

Eg. You might have come across the game built by Rockstar which is GTA series and Red Dead Redemption, etc. These games are built with a gaming engine called RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine). It is a proprietary game engine developed by RAGE Technology Group, a division of Rockstar Games’ San Diego Studio. So these people have built their own game engine and with which they built these kinds of games.

I hope you got some ideas about building games. Anyone can build anything with bit knowledge but there is always something called creativity and dedication which makes a unique person stand alone. If you have any further question mention them in the comments. If there are any topics that you need me to post about then send us the details in our contact form.

We will be back again with another great post. Until then happy programming.

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