Full Stack and NodeJS Course in Chennai


  • Complete basics on learning about Full Stack Development.
  • Languages includes PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL
  • PHP – Laravel Framework
  • NodeJs – Express Framework
  • Basic about Servers, clients, DNS, Headers, Domain and Hosting plans and many more.

This course is completely based on Full Stack development which includes frontend and backend developement. Get your first class for free and if you are interested to continue the you can proceed with the course.

Basic knowledge Required on HTML ,CSS.
Basic on PHP or any other language will be also much appreciated.

Why this course?

1. Nowadays, Engineers find difficulty in finding a job. The reason for this sorrowful situation is the lack of prior knowledge. With this course, you get what you need.
2. Unlike many other coaching centres and educational institutions, our syllabus is updated based on the current industry standards.

The efficiency of the course is based on your interest to learn.

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Event Date:

All Sundays

Event Location:

ProPreneur India,

Berwick Tech Private Limited,

No 27, Taj Complex,

Stringer Street, Broadway,

Chennai – 1