Lets talk about NodeJS popularity...

Jul 21, 2019

Currently, there is a lot of hype about NodeJS. Even I have recommended my students to do that. But Why? And why big companies like Twitter, Hotstar and many others are migrating to NodeJS.

What’s is actually NodeJS?

NodeJS is a backend language that is built on top of Javascript. Javascript is actually a language that is built for client-side applications.

And for your knowledge Javascript don’t have any access to access any sensitive information from the servers. Like accessing the files. But NodeJS uses Google’s V8 engine which is also used in chrome browser. This engine adds functionalities like file access and a lot in NodeJS. With that NodeJS got the option to be used as a backend language.

But how it gained it’s popularity?

When we are considering the popularity of NodeJS. Two major things that contribute to its popularity.

The best thing to consider. NodeJs an asynchronously running language.

Lets me explain this with a small example. Consider there is a pizza shop and only one guy in that shop. When he gets an order in call his process will be like

  • Attend the call
  • Make pizza based on the requirement
  • Close the shop and deliver that order.

The major problem in this when the shop is closed or while he is making pizza he cannot accept other orders. This is called synchronous operation. But now consider that one guy is an alien and he has like 8 longs legs and 8 hands. With that, he can do multiple operations at the same time. This is called asynchronous operation this is generally supported by Javascript which also allows Node to support this functionality. Yes, you might have this question what about PHP, Python, and other languages. They are synchronous and falls corresponding to the first storyline.

The second major factor.

When you are developing a website or web application. You might need to use a minimum of fours languages or others to create it. Like HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and a language for backends like PHP or Python or Ruby, etc. But while considering Node it’s is actually Javascript so you don’t want to shift between multiple languages which makes developer build application faster and effective.

Since Node has a very good interaction with Javascript it also works more effectively with frontend frameworks like Vue, React and more.

This makes Node became much popular among developers and convincing to migrate from other languages to Node.

PS. For students who want to learn NodeJS if you have little bit knowledge on Javascript, you can take the Udemy course in this link. Much recommended.

Kindly share your comments on what language you wish to learn them and what do you feel why Node got its popularity so fast.

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