Learning PHP in 2019. Worth it?

frameworks Jun 27, 2019

PHP is always a great start for all fresh developers to start with programming. But there is now always a rumor that PHP might be dying and learning PHP in 2019 might not be so worthy to proceed with to become a successful developer. So let us see is this phrase true or not.

PHP stands for Hypertext PreProcessor. It was originally developed by Rasmus Lerdorf at early 95s who is a Danish-Canadian developer worked previously with the companies like Yahoo Inc. He is still actively contributing to the language. PHP is a server-side scripting language used to develop website and web applications.

But recently a lot of developers are not considering it as a better language to start in the year 2019. But actually still learning PHP is always a great option to go with.

learning php in 2019
Learning PHP in 2019

This is because of the development of a lot of frameworks and world-famous CMS (Content Management System) software like WordPress. PHP with the combination of MySQL had a great impact on the market on the development of web applications and websites. It is a lot easier to learn and develop any website with this language. That is why PHP is considered as a gem to freelancers.

PHP is still used in MNCs like Facebook Inc. So learning it always has a value. PHP follows Object Oriented Concepts. So if you are actually good in PHP then you can learn some other languages also pretty easy.

With the development of great frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symphony, etc. web development became much faster and more organized since all these frameworks follow MVC (Models, Views, and Controllers) Architecture.

So to conclude learning any one programming language with all the concepts is always a better path to choose instead of not learning anything. Development trend always changes based on the market. But the concepts do not. So, If you have started your journey to consider PHP to be your first programming language then Not a problem just go ahead. So learning PHP in 2019 is a good choice to go with.

P.S. If you want to earn as a freelancer then PHP is always a better choice. Because you can learn WordPress or Laravel or any other frameworks or CMS and make pretty good money if you got the right clients or you can also apply for a remote job. But as always say concepts play a vital role in learning programming rather than the actual language.


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