How to choose the right programming course?

learning Jul 3, 2019

There is always a question that “Am I choosing the right programming course or the class to start my programming journey ?. And how this course is going to help me out.” In this post, I will share my experience with you regarding the right course to choose.

There is a lot of improvement to programming languages and also the new programming language is being introduced every year. So how we can be with the market trend? Simple, Just by learning them. But how can you actually learn them?

I would recommend the best source for learning programming is Udemy. There are many other course websites out there but Udemy seems to have the best programming languages in the market. Udemy also has 30 days of money back guarantee with that if you feel the course is not really good then you can mail them and claim for a refund too.

Udemy has a lot of courses on the same programming language. So there is always a question about which programming course to buy from it. So here are some points to be taken care of before you buy a course in Udemy.

  • Choose the course which is uploaded recently or updated recently. As I have mentioned before, programming languages get updates at-least once in a year. So If you choose the course that is pretty old then some functions which he instructs will not be available or deprecated at present. So choose the course which is new.
  • Check out the course length (Mentioned in hours). The increase in the number of hours is directly proportional to how much you learn. Sometimes the course will be more explanatory or with more concepts and functions.
  • Choose the right author. It’s difficult for you to know who is actually the best author. But there is always an option to compare with other authors regarding the number of courses he has offered or the number of students who have enrolled in his course.
  • Check out the reviews, ratings, and number of students enrolled for the course you are looking for. This will give you a clear idea about which course to choose for your programming journey.
  • Last but not least. Kindly buy the course. I say this here not to support the course makers. Just to support yourself. When you are about to learn something then you should feel that you have spent some amount on the course. This will make you more concentrated to learn rather than ignoring the freely offered courses.
programming course to learn
Learn to code by Udemy

FYI. There are actually great developers who have been provided with apple scholarship and has been invited to apple event saying that they have learned to develop apps by taking Udemy courses. So choosing the best course will not make you great developers immediately, this is just a first step to learn something new. All the others come from the dedication you make to learn a new language.

PS. I am learning Javascript frameworks like VueJS and also NodeJS language by taking Udemy courses by Maximilian Schwarzmüller. If you are also planning to become a frontend developer then you can consider his courses.

If you still need help about choosing the right course in Udemy, You can always mention the language you wish to learn in the comments section.

Thank You.


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