How to add ringtone to your iPhone?

apple Jun 9, 2019

There are lot of people who actually so much worried coz they cannot add custom ringtones to there Apple Devices.

I am here to share how to do it.

The upcoming steps will explain you how to add custom ringtones to you website and library where you can download ringtones from.

Requirement for this.

  • PC or Mac with iTunes installed
  • Internet Connection to download ringtones
  • Lighting cable or USB-C cable for iPad

Its important for you to understand that Apple tone format is *.m4r.

To download ringtones visit the website

Download any ringtone that you like from the website by choosing download and then by choosing Apple Download m4r.

After downloading open the iTunes software .

  • Choose the device from the left navigation bar
  • Now choose Tones from that section
  • Drag and drop the tone.m4r file you have downloaded from the website into this area.
  • iTunes will automatically sync this to your device and you can choose it from the Ringtones in the settings menu (Similar way you change the ringtone)
iTunes with the Device and Tones menu selected

Creating Custom Ringtone:

  • Download the mp3 file for the song you have to set as your ringtone
  • Navigate to
  • Drop the mp3 file into the area where is says drop
  • Wait for the website to upload the file and process it.
  • After processing you can download the m4r file and can just do the same process mentioned above.

That’s it. Now you can rock it with your custom ringtone with the choice of your wish.

If you face any problems you can share it in the comments.


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