Galaxy Unpacked Event - 2020. Hmm.. Thoughts

Aug 6, 2020

After both Apple event and Samsung event, we could clearly understand that they are creating more products or at least marketing them with the concept of **Work From Home**. Of course, it is hard for everyone to reach out to and office and proceed with their daily jobs because of the pandemic. 

Event Live Replay: here

But here in Samsung has made the statement that we have to adapt to the new normal. Let us move further.

Samsung has announced five new devices. And now the point strikes in. Like Apple Ecosystem which is will the first answer for every apple fanboy when someone asks him that ” Why do you buy Apple products ?”, Samsung is also planning to build an ecosystem which they call as Galaxy Ecosystem.

So, This time all the products that they have built are more in touch with the new ecosystem itself. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Oh, my kadavulee. Man the display is so awesome. No words. I am not sure but in my mind, the first one to include a stylus that works like a pen was Samsung in their note series. And the same feeling has never changed except Note 7. Even though the display is cool the UI which they call *One UI* it makes it feel worse. Samsung please change this One UI.

Samsung Note 20 claims they have the toughest glass ever on the smartphone. They are using Corning Gorilla Glass Victus. But you know as Zack from JerryRigEverything says, Glass is glass and it breaks 😅. All the others are a pretty old topic which feels new every year. Fastest Processor Ever, Greatest Camera, Improved Night Vision, AR and all. 

Now all the colours are coming with a new first name *Mystic*. I like that Mystic White by the way. 

Imp: S-Pen latency reduced to 9ms. Comparing with Apple pencil now both have the same latency.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

At first glance, it looked way similar to iPad Pro. After seeing the camera bump and the back yea gotcha, it is Samsung. I forgot the mention. both in the phone and tablet, the screen is looking great. Do you know that `Samsung builds display for Apple`? But looking at the back I don’t have the same bright face. Camera location designs are looking a bit odd for me. What do you think about these ? share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Will Zack do a durability test for Tab S7. I could see both iPad and S7 tablet are in the same form factor and the world knows it failed on Zack’s durability test. I just wanna confirm the problem whether it is due to the form factor or the makers of the product.

Tablet is optimized to support the galaxy ecosystem. You know where it is going now.

Do you know? Samsung has partnered with Microsoft and Google for building its ecosystem. It is three vs One. 

Microsoft link is great. Now you can open apps that are available for your android mobile in your Windows PC using Microsoft link. The UI also looks sleek for the Link App. You can access phone calls, message and more with the link app. I have two questions here. 

  • There is no note on privacy. How are they handling data sharing for different brands? 
  • Is it available for only Samsung or other brands too? 

Do you think adding support to only Samsung devices is the right choice? Share your thoughts. 

Xbox games are also available in Samsung devices now. I don’t wanna talk about it much coz according to me PS4 or Xbox games area meant to be played on a big tv not on a small screen. 

Samsung Dex is upgraded and now it can connect wirelessly. I am not sure which are the devices that support Dex. But mostly it will be Samsung TV and you have to buy TV use it and as per my knowledge, Android TV OS is much better than having a mobile android OS on TV. So choose wisely.

Samsung Buds Live

I do not feel the design of Samsung buds will be liked by anyone. But they are headphones and we can talk about then only if we hear the sound that coming out of them. So Skip.

Forgot to mention, Now it has Active Noise Cancellation. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

She mocked Apple regarding watch faces. Samsung has now 80000+ watch faces to choose from. I do love Samsung watch. The thing I learned about others who are using watch faces is everyone wants the watch face to be simple. Just say the time. Enough or maybe 2 more data like the battery percentage. But having all the different colours in a single watch Nah not my type. 

ECG now also comes to Samsung Watch. Blood Oxygen level, Sleep Monitoring also can be measured using Samsung watch. 

Extra notes. 

Samsung and Google have partnered to created nearby share which is similar to Airdrop in apple devices. For this, they have developed something called Ultra Wide Band(UWD) and with the help of it, they are also making a partnership with automakers and smart home lockers to your mobile as the key to those products. Do you feel you have heard this already? Yep, it was announced by Apple in WWDC 2020 featuring car key. 

Finally Samsung Fold 2

I don’t get any points to share on this because no one is going to buy this device. As of my me, Samsung has created this to just be there on the folding phone game and also get automated marketing using the controversies like how Apple does it with their overpriced Mac Pro Wheels and Pro Stand.

That’s all. These are my opinions about the Samsung Event as a post in a new category called readers arena. I hope you like to get more similar to this. Considering both technology and consumer perspective I will have my thoughts posted on this section. If you feel I talk about any others please share those topics in the comments below.

Thank you. 

#stayhome #staysafe 

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