Before starting with Laravel.

Aug 3, 2019

Are you new to Laravel ? or Are you interested to set Laravel as your preferred framework ?. Then there is something that you need to know before you deep dive into Laravel or any other similar frameworks.

OOPS Concepts :

Every programming follows a base trend called OOPS (Object Oriented Programming). Everyone might have known about this. But there are some people out there who still use only the basic functions and develop websites. It is fine to develop in that way but this won’t work all the time. You have to upgrade your skills to use OOPS in PHP. Only then you can build safer applications and also work frameworks like Laravel, Symphony, CodeIgnitor and many more. So if you feel you are late, No problem go to Udemy, buy a course on OOPS in PHP and start learning now. This will not only help you to learn PHP but also will improve your knowledge and makes you easier to learn other languages too.

MVC Architecture:

MVC is the most popular architecture in a programming language. It stands for Models Views and Controllers. Models are the database relationships where are all the database functions to do CRUD (Create, Update and Delete) are mentioned in this area. Views are the frontend scripts. All the HTML and other assets that are needed to develop the application frontend is mentioned here. Finally the controllers. All the communications between the models and the views are mentioned here. All the request that is made from the server is first to let to the controllers. Then the controllers communicate with the database and generate the data needed and manipulate it and then push it to views. Finally, the views will develop the frontend of the website.

Working with CMD or Terminal:

Before starting to learn about Laravel. There is one more important stuff to learn to use make you Laravel Applications more effectively. That is working with Command-line interface. This will be not only helping you to create the Laravel Application but also more to create your own server and set it up when you use something like Linode or Digital Ocean. So go out with internet find how this CMD interface works and more about it. If you feel difficult about it then mention that in your comments so that I will make a separate post on it.

Package Managers Eg. Composer :

A package manager is something that you really need to know how it works. Laravel uses Composer as its main package manager. Their package manager also works with the command line interface. So it is very necessary to learn to work with CMD. So go with some courses or find a tutor to learn about this. Our forum is always open to answer such questions. NPM is another package manager which is used for frontend development.

Object Relational Mappings:

ORM or Object Relational Mapping is used now in many places. Its is a very simple and useful one for developers to build their applications faster. ORM helps you to avoid all the direct SQL Queries that you need to type or reuse all the time and get the data through functions. Which is easier and also a faster way to integrate a database with your application. Laravel uses ORM called eloquent which are so useful while developing your applications. But they can be also learned while you start to learn Laravel. But knowing what is ORM is always helpful.

So, Yes with this I hope you got all the points you wanna know before you start your journey with Laravel. Laravel is a really good framework to go. If you have any doubts can always raise questions at our community Also join our Facebook group for faster updates.

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