Tips to fasten your website

By Karthick · Nov 1, 2022

When we are about to create a website, we always used to focus on the UI, backend, SEO and lot other stuffs too. Everyone knows the page speed of the site has a great impact on SEO and also the bounce rate. So today #devkarti is going to share some tips to increase the page speed.

Step to improve your page speed.

1) Always the first step to reducing the bounce rate is to reduce the number of static files on your landing page. It is so important to load the CSS JS and the images that you use on the site look great to your viewers. So it's better to reduce them.

2) If you want all the images to be loaded on the site like let us say you have a photography site then definitely you need to load all the images. So, in this case, it's always needed to load High Definition images on your site. In this, you might be coming across something called Content Delivery Network(CDN). This makes your site load faster by reducing the request time. Eg. CDN. Amazon S3 or Cloudflare.

3) If you don't have enough money to implement CDN and if you have not completed developing the website still yet then there is an awesome feature called Lazy Loading. Lazy loading means dynamically loading your images one by one after the page gets loaded. This will bring a great user experience to your customers.

4) Everyone knows about the minification of the CSS and JS files. This impacts the page speed. But be sure that you do the minification stuff before you complete your website development else it might damage the current design.

5)There is a compression technique called gzip compression. This can be implemented very easily even after completing your site development.