Learning to code during lockdown

By Karthick · Sep 17, 2022

Hello all,

It has been a long time since my last post. Between both, so many things happened to the entire world that no one could ever expect. If you are among the ones reading this post on your mobile phone in a public place then please don't ever hesitate to wear a mask. Thanks.

So during this lockdown I know there are many job losses in the production industry mostly and some more have happened. The unemployment rate has also peaked to a new extent. So lost of my friends started to ask this question to me.

Can I learn programming in a short period and can I make money with that?

The obvious answer would be NO. Yes I know it feels negative but this is the truth. If you have a small programming experience already then there is a chance to make a little cash. But to convert that into a full-time job is going to be much more difficult than what you even think of.

Let's consider the state of the companies and business people who want to build an app or a website. Surely since the market crash, they will be a little afraid to invest in anything. This means the plan to give a project to a newbie will be standing at a max of only 15% unless it is your relative or close friend it might go a bit higher. So please never think that you can create stuff in a short period.


There is always a chance to do it. If you are ready to invest more time in that with a good online tutor. So if you are ready to do it then this post will guide you throughout the process of learning.

The Learning Curve ????: Always plan what you are going to do before you want to start programming. To give you a better explanation, There are so many different languages which are used for creating a different applications for different operating systems. Some are like Desktop Programs for Windows Desktop Programs for Mac Mobile Apps for Android Mobile Apps for iOS WatchOS or Wearable OS apps. tvOS or Android TV apps and Web Apps or Websites Each environment uses a different programming language and for some applications, there are multiple languages to choose from. Ex. Swift for iOS, Ruby or Nodejs for Web development. So choose which programming language you wanna start with. Look for the rights videos on Udemy or YouTube. If the videos which you choose are not good enough you might not get interested in learning the language. You might lose hope and stop the process. So select the right person for your training. It is always hard to start with documentation if you are a fresh learner. So reach out to your experienced programming friends or add questions for this in the comments section so that I might help you with learning too. Learn the working process. There is always something called a frontend and the backend in whatever you are going to develop. Try to understand the logic of this frontend and backend. This is always better to learn that immediately after choosing what language you wanna learn and before you start with your coding master. Get to know about the tools used. Many tools in the programming world help a developer in a lot more ways to work more effectively and avoid human errors. Eg. Github, IDE, etc. Sometimes you might have to look into separate course tutorials for these tools alone to get the full efficiency of it. Learn more about frameworks. Every programming language uses a framework to make the process of development much faster. No one will write everything from scratch. He/She will choose frameworks which will have all the basic code and security stuff built in. So you might need also need to know about them and most probably you might also have to attend to separate course for that too. Database. See this is a very important thing. Every application you are going to build will have a database connected to it. If you are fresher and if you search for the database you will be answered that it is a collection of tables with rows and columns. Yea that is true but that is not alone enough to work on it. So look for more videos what is a database? why it is used? and what are the types? It might be harder for the first time but once you start you will understand the flow and dive deep into it. Create small apps. Whatever you learn. After learning all the above skills create a small application. At least try to follow out with the project with the same code that your tutor is showing on his screen. That alone will teach you more. At this point, you might get a feeling like omg there is so much to learn and how I am gonna do it? Let me tell you a secret here. Learning programming has a big advantage. If you start to learn whatever I have mentioned above. That is a full-stack way of learning programming. You can get into positions like front-end developer, back-end developer, Database administrator, Dev Ops and more. Just if you learn those above steps alone. Also, the basics of every programming language are the same.

So if you learn at least one language with a clear understanding then it is much easier to learn other languages too. You can do it in like three months or less. Only if you have a clear understanding of what you do. The reason why it is so easy to migrate will be in another post. Until then, have a safe time.

Happy Coding????.