Gigcode Science Dairy

By Karthick · Nov 1, 2022

Hy there.

I am always excited about science and those science YouTubers out there make them more fun to learn. But most people when they see this they feel bored and you know what’s next. But here comes the problem.

These goes through the generations and mostly in India. If there is a question in anything related to science there is no one to answer it like teachers or parents no one. Because, they have also came through the same phase.

The next big problem is Higher Studies. Someone taking an Engineering degree is not always good with what they have learnt. Eg. If we ask someone what is the difference between AC and DC for an ECE BE graduate most people don’t answer. I am not saying like everyone has this problem. But there are some. And finally, they get into an IT job which is totally out of scope for them.

I always wanted to do something about this. Already there are some good youtube content providers out there but everyone doesn’t know about this.

I thought of helping people by teaching programming classes for free. Free means free. Not like some take a glance at a course and then say the advanced part is paid one. But unfortunately, I am not able to do that. But I found a better way and that is to teach science.

I am not sure how many read until this. Coz the above statements will make people get bored????. Anyways

As a part of my Gigcodes Journey. I am happy to announce something related to science and we call it as


I am getting help from some of my science friends and will ask them to post content only related to science.

This is going to be useful for Parents, Students, Teachers everyone. And guess what it’s completely free. Free means free. I will not run any kind of ads which will distract people from the content.

Learning science is fun but when it is learnt in the right way. So share this news with all the parents mostly coz they are the ones producing the next generation.

I’m pretty excited. Hope this helps a lot of people. I will release an update regarding this next week on what we are going to do.

This is an older article written by me previously. But I was not able to proceed further on this later. But now we are back on this track. Soon you will be able to see an extra tab that contains all blog posts referring to this. Keep watching this area.