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Sometimes I feel better when your friends reach out to you ask something like how can I do this. This makes a way to feel that such questions make us something special in their life. I started my journey without any knowledge about how the future is going to be. But one day one man helped me to change the way how I looked my future. So now it’s my time to share everything I know about this world to others.
For me, programming has brought some huge changes in my life. I found some tricks to learn programming much easier and now I wish to share those with my friends and students. And this is the portal for that.


Hello from K Karthick,
Proud Developer at International Developer Connection.
I work on PHP, Python, Vue JS and some more. Connect me on Social media to get in touch with me.

For dev inquiries, contact forum@gigcodes.com 
All other inquries hello@propreneur.in

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